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"Nancy LeVine is the only photographer who ever captured the essence of Troy. I am so grateful that Nancy made time in her schedule for this commission. The photograph is front and center in my Greenwich Village apartment."

- George Vellonakis, Designer of the iconic Washington Square Park

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Lulu     New York

Lulu New York

Lulu    Montana

Lulu Montana

Chauncey (middle)  Daughter Sailor Girl (left)   Ready Girl (right)   Alaska

Chauncey (middle) Daughter Sailor Girl (left) Ready Girl (right) Alaska

Lulu and Maxie   Washington

Lulu and Maxie Washington

Hank    Washington

Hank Washington

Maxie and Lulu  Washingtoj

Maxie and Lulu Washingtoj

Gussy Sue   Montana

Gussy Sue Montana

 Ratzoe    Washington

Ratzoe Washington

Maxie and Lulu    New York City

Maxie and Lulu New York City

Edna    Colorado

Edna Colorado

Picasso    South Carolina

Picasso South Carolina

Woody     Washington

Woody Washington

Englebert ,Hercules, Climber Eeoyore   Colorado

Englebert ,Hercules, Climber Eeoyore Colorado

Fred    South Dakota

Fred South Dakota

Ginger  Wyoming

Ginger Wyoming

Maxie    Vermont

Maxie Vermont

Jake  Texas

Jake Texas

 Murphy   Connecticut

Murphy Connecticut

Hogan  South Dakota

Hogan South Dakota

Sosi    Washington

Sosi Washington

Joey  Washington

Joey Washington

Maxie  Washington

Maxie Washington

Kiki   Arizona

Kiki Arizona