Private Instruction


Storytelling with Photographs

Private Instruction through FaceTime, Zoom, or ordinary phone call. Open enrollment.

One class- 1 hour - $105

Series of 3 classes - 1 hour meetings - $240

Series of 5 classes - 1 hour meetings - $300

Each week, the day before class, you will send me the images we are to discuss. I will have time to review them and then our dialogue begins at the designated time.

Nancy LeVine will work closely with you to identify your photographic subject and to develop a plan for exploring it in greater depth and breadth. If you are just starting, or have a series of ideas or beginnings, we will set a course for expanding your project and discuss what might constitute a ‘complete’ exploration of your subject, or, if you have a long-term work in progress, we will look at your bank of images in connection with your goals to help you understand how to edit your work, and fill in gaps in your photographic project. If you have just returned from a trip where you have taken many photographs, this class can help you select the photographs that best speak to your experience. There are always many stories within a journey. Please contact me for more information about private instruction.